Pokwang’s American boyfriend confirms her miscarriage

By , on August 18, 2015

Pokwang with her American boyfriend Lee O’Brian (Photo from Pokwang's Instagram account)
Pokwang with her American boyfriend Lee O’Brian (Photo from Pokwang’s Instagram account)

MANILA – American actor Lee O’Brian confirmed reports that his girlfriend, Filipina comedienne Pokwang, suffered a miscarriage with their first child.

“[We] just had to accept it hasn’t happened yet, it wasn’t time, and it’s something that you definitely need to cope with,” he said in an interview with Showbiz Konek na Konek.

Although the experience was heartbreaking, O’Brian shared that they still wanted to try having another baby.

“It’s something that we are hoping for and we’re striving for and, at the right time, it’s gonna happen… It’s something I’m still comforting her about because we’re still trying,” he said.

The American actor was also proud of how tough Pokwang has been, accepting the sad news and trying to move on.

“You just have to accept that it hasn’t happened yet… It wasn’t time and there are just things that are out of control in our life,” he said.

“She’s the one who’s gonna be carrying [the baby], what I can do is I’m gonna support her… can love her unconditionally and that’s what I did, I still do that, and so it’s all good that way,” he added.