No cash refund for holders of magnetic cards for LRT-2 

By , on August 12, 2015

Photo of LRT-1 train taken from Metro Manila Roadway, an MMDA initiative (
Photo of LRT-1 train taken from Metro Manila Roadway, an MMDA initiative (

MANILA — Magnetic cards were no longer sold at the Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2) stations on Wednesday to allow the full implementation of the new beep card ticketing system.

Light Rail Transit (LRT) spokesperson Hernando Cabrera on his official Twitter account clarified that there will be no cash refund given to holders of the old magnetic cards with remaining balance.

“There is no refund (for magnetic cards) available at the LRT-2 because they can still be used until the end of August. By September, it will be replaced with the new cards,” Cabrera said in the vernacular.

As for the LRT-1, which is currently on its testing phase of the same ticketing system is using coupons or paper tickets which are shown to security guards for inspection and collection.

Unlike the LRT-2 stations, the LRT-1 stations will allow cash refund at all its northbound stations (Vito Cruz to Roosevelt) until Aug 14.

Cabrera meanwhile urged holders of magnetic cards to make the most of their “last ride bonus” until the end of August.

The new beep cards may be used to exit from any LRT-2 station, and may be reloaded at any locations as well.

LRTA said that the minimum amount that the system requires to be loaded is Php 12, and the maximum is Php 10,000.

The beep card ticketing system is the DOTC’s first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project under the Aquino administration.