NDP wastes little time connecting return of Duffy trial to campaign trail

By on August 12, 2015

Tom Mulcair (Screengrab from Canucks Politics)
Tom Mulcair (Screengrab from Canucks Politics)

OTTAWA — The NDP is wasting no time in using the return of Mike Duffy as political leverage against the Conservatives.

Even as Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, arrived today to testify at Duffy’s trial, the New Democrats said their point man on ethics, Charlie Angus, would be on hand at the hearing.

With NDP Leader Tom Mulcair campaigning in Quebec, Angus intends to discuss Wright’s initial testimony and promote an NDP plan to fight corruption in the upper house.

Throughout the Senate scandal, Angus has been a gadfly to Harper, who was scheduled to attend a campaign event today in B.C. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, is at an event in Regina.

Mulcair also raised the Duffy affair during a morning appearance in Levis, Que.

He says there is more at stake than just Wright and the $90,000 he gave Duffy to repay questioned expenses.

“Nigel Wright may be testifying, but it’s Stephen Harper who is on trial here,” Mulcair said, calling the Duffy scandal part of a larger pattern.

He said the Conservatives have been convicted of wrongdoing in the last three elections.

“With a record like this, Canadians can’t let Stephen Harper get away with it again,” he said.