Medical marijuana owner reopens shop but says he won’t be selling pot

By on August 12, 2015

Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters (Facebook photo)
Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters (Facebook photo)

WINNIPEG – A week after being raided by police, the owner of Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters has re-opened his doors.

Police raided Glenn Price’s medical cannabis dispensary last week and charged him with several drug related offences.

Price, 54, says he re-opened his store Tuesday to continue to educate people about medical marijuana.

Price says he won’t be selling marijuana, but people can smoke in the building, which he says isn’t against his bail conditions.

He says as long as he’s isn’t smoking it and doesn’t have it on his person, he’s fine.

Price is scheduled to appear in court on August 20th.

Winnipeg police have said it’s illegal to sell medical marijuana unless you are a licensed producer and have the proper documentation, saying otherwise it’s just selling street drugs.

Price has said he only provides the product to people with appropriate medical documentation and said he’s helped hundreds of people since opening on July 1.

Earlier this year, Health Canada moved to make it legal for licensed providers to sell marijuana in everything from brownies to lip balm.

Vancouver became the first Canadian municipality to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, requiring operators to pay a $30,000 licensing fee and locate at least 300 metres away from community centres, schools, and each other.