Congressman supports bill to legalize medical marijuana in PH

By , on August 12, 2015

(Shutterstock image)
(Shutterstock image)

MANILA – With the House of Representatives conducting a hearing on House Bill No. 4477 or the proposed “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act,” a lawmaker from Isabela expressed support and attested the beneficial uses of the drug.

Representative Rodolfo Albano III admitted using marijuana and testified how it increased the ‘absorptive capacity’ of his brain while studying in college.

“I was just staring at the teacher in a daze…,” Albano said, recalling being able to participate more actively in class. “The teacher told me afterward, ‘Matalino ka pala’ (So, you’re smart after all)’! I didn’t have the heart to tell him, ‘Father, I just smoked weed!”

Albano clarified, however, that he was against using marijuana for recreational purposes only.

“I don’t want kids lighting up because the effect is you become lethargic or lazy,” he said.

Should the bill be passed, the government would then ‘legalize and regulate the medical use of cannabis which has been confirmed to have beneficial and therapeutic uses to treat chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition.’