‘Noy scolded us for Binay plug’ — Kris Aquino

By , on August 3, 2015

President Benigno Aquino (center) with his sisters (Kris Aquino on Instagram)
President Benigno Aquino (center) with his sisters (Kris Aquino on Instagram)

MANILA — Kris Aquino shared that she got a long lecture from her brother, President Aquino for her statement which was perceived to be an endorsement of Binay.

“I remember I was flying to Dumaguete when that came out. When I turned on my phone, there was a long lecture from my brother,” Kris told reporters as she lined up to register as a voter in Quezon City on Sunday.

Kris earlier said that she and her sisters support Binay for president adding that the Liberal Party could have him as a standard bearer for 2016.

“My sisters and I have been talking about it and we say that if this can bring about unity … and if he continues what Noy (Aquino) has started, why not?” Kris had said on the television program she cohosts with Boy Abunda.

She said that she already apologized to the President during their conversation.

“I said [to the President], ‘I’d like to apologize if it put you in a bad light. There were certain words taken out of context. And at the end of the day, you know I will follow you,’” she said.

Kris also denied reports of an on-going rift between the Aquino family and the Binays, who were a former ally of the late President Corazon Aquino.

“I don’t think there’s a rift. Noy hasn’t said anything super-evil. And from the start, I think they (Binays) knew where Noy’s heart was,” Kris said.

“We can’t avoid that when [Binay] attacks my brother, it hurts. And I’m sure when Noy says stuff, they [Binays] get hurt. But I’d like to really believe our friendship will survive,” Kris said.