Heart Evangelista: Marian’s fans are ‘very bad’

By , on August 3, 2015

Heart Evangelista (Facebook photo)
Heart Evangelista (Facebook photo)

MANILA – Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista may have only wanted to stir away from co-star Marian Rivera’s fans’ bashes on her but her ‘very bad’ comment may have ignited another round of heated exchange of online posts and comments from both sides.

Heart recently posted a photo of her with her dog Princess Panda in her Instagram account. She captioned it: ‘Look who’s with me today. #princesspanda.’

Although she did not make any reference to Marian in her post, one follower commented: ‘You’re way better than Marian!’

Flattered but wanted to stay away from haters, Heart responded: ‘Thank you, but let’s not start with that. Her fans are very bad and I don’t want to get bashed. Thank you.’

Her fan immediately apologized for her words.

Concerned over what Marian’s fans may react to Heart’s earlier comment, another of her fans commented: ‘Good to know that umiiwas ka sa mga issues na ganyan… But I guess they will not like how you described them in your comment above.’

(Good to know that you’re stirring away from issues like that… But I guess they will not like how you described them in your comment above.)

To this, Heart only responded: ‘It’s a fact sad to say. To all Heart World (Heart’s fan group) never act like that. It will reflect on who you look up to… No to [negativity].’

With this, Marian’s fans immediately responded by posting in their accounts.

“Don’t talk about how you hate bullies, when you’re the bully… We are supporters of Dingdong and Marian (who has been indirectly included by ♥ in her posts,” one of Marian’s fan groups said, including a ♥ sign obviously referring to Heart.

“We would like to logically present our point in response to Heart’s ‘very bad’ comment… No to [negativity]? Isn’t declaring and generalizing the fans of Marian as ‘very bad’ causing unnecessary negativity?,” they added.

Marian’s fan group continued hitting back at Heart.

“It is easy to resort to labeling a person when you do not have the intellect to explain yourself properly… The burden of proof lies with who declares (labels, generalizes), not who denies,” they said.

“FYI (for your information), both sides have their share of bashers and insults. The fans of Marian are very bad? Some ♥ fans even go to Marian’s IG (Instagram) just to bash her… There is nothing worse than some ♥ fans wishing something bad would happen to Marian’s innocent unborn baby,” they added.