Lawmakers seek immigration reforms

By , on June 30, 2015

Face of Bureau of Immigration building / Wikipedia Photo
Face of Bureau of Immigration building / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — Lawmakers are now seeking for reforms in the policies of the Bureau of Immigration.

Following reports on the case of Chinese fugitive Wang Bo, Congressmen want reforms on the Immigration specifically on its processes including the undesirable and undocumented aliens.

“For instance, what is the policy on foreigners who are on the BI blacklist? Are they supposed to be returned to their port of origin upon arrival at the airport or are they to be admitted into the country?” Pampanga Rep. Oscar Rodriguez, committee chairman was quoted saying in a Philippine Star report.

The House of Representatives is moving on to the third hearing of the case of Wang who is detained at the BI cell in Taguig and was deported.

Wang was allowed to enter the country despite the Immigration’s decision to put him and three other Chinese nationals on the immigration blacklist.

The Immigtation was informed that Wang and the three other Chinese are wanted by the Chinese government for alleged illegal transnational gambling activities.

Associate BI Commissioner Gilberto Repizo said it was Commissioner Siegfred Mison who allowed the Chinese fugitive to enter the Philippines.

Defending his side, Mison said that the Chinese embassy wanted Wang and the three men to be turned over to them.

Rodriguez said he could not understand why Wang is still in the country.

“Based on the testimony of Sec.  De Lima, deportation is supposed to be immediate, but Mr. Wang is still here, fighting his exclusion from the country,” he said.