LTO reveals: License plate delays may be caused by employees

By on June 26, 2015


MANILA — Some insiders may be causing the delay in the issuance of license plates, according to an official from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) yesterday.

“First we thought it was just some misgivings or some kapalkapan (bungling) here and there, but the way (we) see it, it seems to be deliberate, they haven’t been ordering it correctly despite the fact that we’ve issued several memorandums, instructions or whatever,”Jason Salvador, LTO spokesman, said as quoted in a Philippine Star report.

Salvador noted that the office has been experiencing problems from within and outside the license plates standardization program.

He said that the “deliberate” delays may be a form of getting back to the management for the implementation of the reforms in the past two years.

“Because every time the public will inquire they will just say complain to top officials, like they’re trying to incite,” he added.

But now that they have laid down the guidelines on proper ordering of the plates, Salvador said that the employees may  no longer have reasons to fail in their compliance with the measures.

He added that their officials are now investigating the alleged sabotage operation.