Jasmine Curtis-Smith dispels rumors of sibling rivalry with Anne

By , on June 25, 2015

SUPERSTAR SISTERS: Jasmine (left) and Anne Curtis-Smith (@annecurtissmith / Instagram)
SUPERSTAR SISTERS: Jasmine (left) and Anne Curtis-Smith (@annecurtissmith / Instagram)

MANILA — Actress and endorser Jasmine Curtis-Smith dispelled rumors of a sibling rivalry with big sister and Kapamilya star Anne Curtis.

Jasmine shared there are times that they don’t get together very well, which is absolutely normal as with any family, but there is definitely no rivalry between them.

Siguro once or twice, pero sa immaturity ko rin ‘yon,” Jasmine said in a PEP.ph report, referring to having misunderstandings with Anne. “Hindi lang kami magka-gets ng utak nun.

(Maybe once or twice [we have misunderstandings]. but it’s also because of my own immaturity… We just don’t have the same mind.)

When it comes to their careers, Jasmine said that she and her sister are “on different paths.”

Si Ate, super mainstream,” she said in the same report. “She’s more commercial than I am, or what people see me to be.”

Meanwhile, she said she tries to try as many aspects of the performing arts as she can.

“I try to do the arts — submerge in all the different types of crafts that are available to me. Like, I’m trying the theater for the first time,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine admits that being on different spectrum of show business makes for some interesting stories with her sister.

“It’s interesting when we’re together,” she said. “There’s always something new, a new story to tell her. And although we don’t live together, there’s always communication between us.”