DTI sued for worsening air pollution in Metro

By , on June 24, 2015

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MANILA — Advocates of clean air on Tuesday filed a complaint against the Department of Trade and Industry for the worsening of air pollution in Metro Manila.

The Coalition of Clean Air Advocates of the Philippines (CCAP) filed the complaint, similar to the case they filed against the Land Transportation Office (LTO), three weeks ago.

The advocates asked the Office of the Ombudsman to file criminal and administrative charges against Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo and Undersecretary Victorio Mario Dimagiba.

This is for their alleged failure to comply with their responsibilities as mandated under the Philippine Clean Air Act.

“After the passage of the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999, secretaries and undersecretaries have come and gone but to date… we continue to see and experience a lack of meaningful results… simply because of the herein respondents’ neglect,” the complainants indicated in their statement.

The advocates are represented by chair Leo Olarte, president Herminio Buerano Jr., activist priest Robert Reyes, and transportation group leaders Efren de Luna and Ramon Ventura.

“The neglect is not a simple matter. Rather, it may be borne or brought about by a strong lobby of vested interests that did not want proper implementation of the law, in order that profitable nefarious activities could be undertaken with impunity, in perpetuity,” the complaint  further indicated.

In a statement to a Philippine Daily Inquirer report written by Amy Remo and Jaymee Gamil, Dimagiba admitted that the agency needs to improve on the performance of their functions as indicated in the Clean Air Act.

“We admit that we need to strengthen the communication and coordination activities among our offices to respond to what the Clean Air Act of the Philippines requires. As of this time, we are addressing this flaw to strictly implement the provisions of the said Act which the DTI is responsible for,” Dimagiba said.

“We also admit that we need to revisit the accreditation program of service and repair shops… and evaluate their competency in providing the required services on products to consumers,” he further said as quoted in the same report.