PSC seeks bigger paychecks for coaches

By , on June 22, 2015

Philippine Sports Commission facade (Wikipedia photo)
Philippine Sports Commission facade (Wikipedia photo)

MANILA – Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman Richie Garcia seeks for increase in the coaches’ monthly salaries which will enable them to take full-time positions in their respective sports.

“I’m not blaming our coaches but it seems they are not 100 percent dedicated. May kulang (Something’s lacking),” Garcia said.

At present, coaches in 50 national sports (NSAs) receive monthly salaries of P10,000 to P36,000. Garcia, for his part, believes that the salaries are not enough especially to coaches with families to provide for.

“That’s why they coach the national athletes and then they also coach private schools or universities or private clubs part-time,” he said.

The PSC chairman then urges for a salary increase, citing how some coaches go abroad for higher pay and more financial security.

“That’s if we can increase their salaries to the level of foreign coaches… A bigger salary is the only way for them to feel secure,” he said.

A Class A coach receives a monthly salary of P36,000, Class B P30,000 and Class C  P24,000. A foreign coach, however, gets $2,500 or more monthly pay.

Should the salaries be increased, Garcia, in return, asks the coaches to give their full efforts and time.

“If we can give them this (salary increase), the coaches must give all their time from Monday to Saturday from morning until late afternoon. Dapat (it should be) full-time… After they train the nationals in the morning, they train our youth athletes in the afternoon,” he said.

“If we increase their salary then we can demand performance. If they don’t perform, then sorry. Once their contract expires they will not be renewed,” he added.