PM Harper’s Statement on Father’s Day

By on June 21, 2015

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with family (Facebook photo)
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with family (Facebook photo)

Ottawa, Ontario — Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark Father’s Day:

“Today on Father’s Day, we pay tribute and show our gratitude to all fathers and grandfathers from coast to coast to coast, and celebrate their commitment to the well-being of their families.

“Through patience, unconditional love and support, fathers help instill important values such as respect, integrity and hard work in their sons and daughters, and teach them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions towards others.

“As a father myself, I recognize the various challenges and responsibilities that come with this immense privilege, and I can attest to how fulfilling being a father can be.

“Our Government recognizes the importance of supporting fathers and their families. That is why we are taking action to support them through tax measures and benefits such as the Child Care Expense Deduction, the Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefit, the Family Caregiver Tax Credit, the Family Tax Cut and the Universal Child Care Benefit. These measures are benefiting Canadian families and allowing them to spend more quality time together while keeping more money in their pockets.

“On this special day, Laureen and I join Canadians in honouring all fathers and grandfathers – both past and present – and we wish all families across the country a Happy Father’s Day.”