Ayala cinema incident injures six people

By , on June 17, 2015

Ayala Center Cebu facade (Facebook photo)
Ayala Center Cebu facade (Facebook photo)

Ayala Center Cebu management may face legal action after at least six people got wounded when Cinema 5’s ceiling collapsed during Dreamscape Networks Inc.’s exclusive screening on Monday.

Water first poured in from the ceiling before the acoustic board fell on the theatre seats. Dreamscape Networks was launching a campaign ad at the time the incident happened.

Among those injured was Dreamscape Networks CEO Mark Evans who sought to help his employees who were trapped from fallen debris.

Evans was disappointed that the Ayala Center management failed to immediately respond to the mishap. He then planned to file complaints against the management.

“Steel frames [were] all over the sets. We have no tools. The emergency staff arrived but they didn’t have tools… We will take some legal actions for sure,” he said.

Ayala Center Cebu management, for their part, explained that according to their initial investigation, the incident occurred after a defect in its sprinkler system released huge amounts of water in the cinema.

“We regret that such an incident happened. Based on initial findings, the sprinkler system released water that caused the acoustic boards to fall. We are further investigating the cause,” Ayala Center management said in a statement.

The management, however, clarified that their Emergency Brigade Team ‘immediately responded to clear the area and those affected were immediately given medical care.’

“We have evacuated the area and have accounted for six injured people who have been given medical attention,” Ayala’s statement said.

“We assure the public that the safety of our customers continues to be a top priority in the mall and we are investigating to prevent recurrence of the incident,” the statement continued.

With regards to Dreamscape Networks’ plans of legal measures, Ayala Land Cebu Holdings Corporate Communication Manager Atty. Jeanette Japzon claimed that the company was ready to face such complaints.

“As of the moment, we have to look into the incident first, so that we will know exactly the facts of what happened. What we had assured now is that all the people were safe in getting and we have attended to those who were injured,” she said.

As of now, five wounded people are still recovering in a nearby hospital. One of the victims is also considering taking legal actions.