Gov’t website hacked; hackers leave message for Aquino

By , on June 12, 2015

MANILA — The website of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) was hacked on Friday by Filipino hackers, who left a message for President Aquino.

The first hack contained a message to the President written in Filipino and was replaced with a message written in English later on the second incidence.

The hackers identified themselves as members of Ghost Security Hackers, Pinoy Vendetta, Anonymous Riza, and Magdalo Cyber Army.

The post questioned President Aquino’s government efforts in bringing changes in the country.

The hackers titled the hacking prompt as “Message to the President,” followed by a message which said:

“Greetings Mr. President. It’s been five years since you’ve been elected on your position. And since then, we have been observing you carefully,” the post read.

“In those years, Do you think you’ve done enough for the country? In those years, Do you think our economy improved? Or it became worst just like the previous presidents’ reign.”

“How about your pledge to end the corruption? Where is the justice for the 44 Fallen soldiers? We are seeking answers from you Mr. President.”

“And in your last year as the President of the Philippines, we are hoping to attain the justice we deserve Mr. Noynoy Aquino III, we are watching you til the very end of your term. Expect us!”

It closed with: “Security can’t stop our curiosity. 6/12/2015.”