Kris to live in USA for a year

By , on June 8, 2015

Kris Aquino (Facebook photo)
Kris Aquino (Facebook photo)

MANILA – In one of the episodes of her morning talk show “Kris TV,” actress-host Kris Aquino told guest Karla Estrada that she planned to move to the United States of America next year.

“Wala  na’ko dito next year. I’ll live in America for a year. Gusto ko talaga tumira sa States ng one year para ma-experience ni Bimb,” she responded when Karla suggested activities they could do together next year.

(I’m not here anymore by next year. I’ll live in America for a year. I really want to live in the [United] States for one year for Bimb to experience [living there.])

“Ayan ka nanaman. Sinabi mo na ‘yan sa’kin last year eh. Last year, Singapore lang sinabe mo. Ngayon, States na… Hindi mo ‘to maiiwan, ano ka ba. Mamimiss mo ‘to,” Karla said disbelieving her friend’s statement.

(There you go again. You already told me that last year. Last year, you only mentioned Singapore. Now, [the United] States… You can’t leave this [country], mind you. You’ll miss this [place].)

Kris, however, was firm on her plan.

“Gusto ko lang ma-experience ni Bimb… kasi sinabi ko sa kanya feeling ko naging well-rounded akong individual kasi nag-aral ako abroad. ‘Tapos natuto ako lahat ng gawain for myself,” she said.

(I just want Bimb to experience… because I told him that I felt I became a well-rounded individual because I studied abroad. Also, I learned to do everything for myself.)

Kris believed that her son James “Bimby” Yap Jr. will also become a more responsible child if he gets to experience life in the USA.

“’Tapos kapag after three months ‘di na kaya, umuwi na… Gusto ko talaga ma-experience niya mag-school bus doon. Gusto ko yung bus stop, lalakad siya,” she said.

(And then, if we can no longer bare the set-up after three months, [we’ll] go home… I really want him to experience the school bus there. I want the bus stop, [I want] him walking towards it.)

“Try lang… Kinaya ko kaya dati and those were the happiest years of my life,” she added when Karla doubted that the Queen of All Media could stay in the USA for long.

([We’ll] just try… I lived in that set-up before and those were the happiest years of my life.)

Kris spent most of her childhood days in Boston, Massachusetts where her family was exiled during the Martial Law in the Philippines.