Sharon, KC still not in good terms

By , on June 4, 2015

KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta (Photo from Sharon's Facebook page)
KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta (Photo from Sharon’s Facebook page)

MANILA – In megastar Sharon Cuneta’s Facebook page, netizens expressed concern over her continuous rift with daughter actress-singer KC Concepcion.

Cuneta politely replied to her followers’ comments and clarified that the ‘unnecessary too-sexy photos’ was not the only reason behind their strain relationship.

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One Facebook user defended KC’s daring pictorials. To this, Sharon replied, “I wish all these was just about sexy poses. Thanks anyway. God bless.”

Another user wished Sharon would not let ‘bashers’ ruin her relationship with KC. To this, Sharon explained that it was not bashers who drove a ‘wedge’ between her and her daughter.

“Bashers have never been the reason for driving a wedge between me and my daughter. The reasons are sad and not made public as they are personal and have been going on for way longer than people will ever know. Thank you so much for your concern, though,” Sharon said.

Yet another Facebook user advised Sharon to learn to let go of her adult children.

“I think it is when they change towards you that problems begin. And yes, she is an adult now. I think adults should know better especially in terms of gratitude and respect, don’t you think? God bless you! Lots of love,” Sharon replied.

After a few more replies to comments and advices, Sharon posted a status that she would no longer entertain questions and concerns regarding KC.

“I love all my children and though I appreciate all of your comments and your love and concern for me and KC, this is the last I will post about her or us, unless it is a good and positive one or something that will require clearing up,” she said.

Although admitting that she and her daughter needed to mend some hurts, Sharon believed that they will be in good terms again in due time.

“God is good. In His time all will be well. God bless us all! Have a nice day! Lots of love to all of you,” she added.

KC has not yet released an official statement on her side of the issue.