Duterte wants Vilma Santos as running mate

By , on June 4, 2015

Photo: Facebook Page of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
Photo: Facebook Page of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Despite being unsure of running for president in the coming national elections, current Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte already had his ‘dream’ running mate and department heads in mind.

This was shared by Duterte’s supporter Emmanuel Piñol and Duterte’s aide Christopher Go as Duterte talked about the possibility of him running for president.

When asked whom Duterte wanted to run alongside with, he admitted that it could not be Senator Grace Poe as she may run for president instead.

Duterte then added that Batangas governor ‘Vilma Santos would be a good choice.’ Go agreed with Duterte and shared that Santos had the edge of having star power and a good reputation as a government official. Piñol added that Santos’ ‘aura of calmness and her infectious smile could soften the otherwise fiery and sometimes firm appearance of Duterte.’

Aside from naming his preferred running mate, Duterte also went on to saying his ideal department heads should he be elected in the country’s highest post.

Duterte mentioned Gilbert Teodoro for the defense department, Carlos Dominguez III for the finance department, Rafael Alunan III for the interior department, Vitaliano Aguirre for the justice department, and Leni Robredo for the social welfare department.

“Of course, these people are just my personal choices. A responsible leader should conduct a thorough vetting process to choose his working team,” Duterte said as quoted by Piñol.

Aside from naming his ‘dream team,’ Duterte also already had reforms in mind particularly in terms of wages and taxes.

Duterte wanted those earning P25,000 and less to be spared from income taxes. For the teachers, he demanded an increase in their salaries.

“I have asked a policeman how much his take home pay is; he said only 1,000 because he has four children in college. How ironic is that?” Duterte asked.

“How can they not borrow when their take-home pay is only about P600?” Duterte added, this time referring to the teachers.

Duterte said these in his visit to Matanao, Davao del Sur. Teasing the crowd, he asked, “Will you vote for me?”

The almost 10,000 people in the audience shouted with a loud yes. To this, Duterte replied, “If I lose in Matanao, I’ll bar you from Davao.”

But kidding aside, Duterte also reminded the crowd to vote wisely.

“Look at the performance,” he reminded the people.