Sharon hurt over daughter KC’s sexy photo

By , on May 30, 2015

KC Concepcion and mom Sharon Cuneta (Photo from Sharon's official Facebook page)
KC Concepcion and mom Sharon Cuneta (Photo from Sharon’s official Facebook page)

MANILA – Megastar Sharon Cuneta admitted getting hurt over daughter KC Concepcion’s daring photos, which she believed were ‘unnecessarily too-sexy.’

In Sharon’s uploaded video of her and daughter Frankie, a netizen asked her regarding KC’s recent photo taken before her dance number.

“Miss Sharon, does KC need to pose like this for her pictorial,” a certain Dany Pascual asked, posting a photo of KC wearing a bra she paired with her trousers.

“For me, given her status, I do not think she needs to be this explosive… hope and pray that Frankie and Miel will use the better of them when their time comes,” he added.

To this, Sharon preferred not to comment but had to otherwise.

“I really honestly would not say anything. But I also really honestly would have to say I do not like that she has done this and other unnecessary too-sexy poses,” she wrote.

“Sorry pero nanay ako… May mga bagay na ‘di naman na kailangan gawin. Madaming beses na din kasi akong nagulat. Well, she’s an adult and unfortunately, all we parents can do is give our advice. ‘Di magkulang sa paalala… Sana lang din tama na yung poses na ganyan. Nasasaktan na ako,” she added.

(Sorry but I’m a mom… There are things that don’t need to be done. There were a lot of incidences when I got shocked [over her poses]. Well, she’s an adult and unfortunately, all we parents can do is give our advice. To not cease in advising… I just hope that she wouldn’t do poses like that anymore. I’m getting hurt.)

KC’s photo in question was taken before her appearance in dance group G-Force’s Project 2015 Summer Dance Glamping recital. The 30-year-old actress-performer danced wearing the outfit she wore from the photo.

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It can be recalled that KC exuded a sweet image when she entered showbiz. Now, she started to transcend to a more mature and daring woman.