Vice Ganda mentions Vhong Navarro’s rape case

By , on May 26, 2015

Vice Ganda (Photo from Vice Ganda's official Facebook page)
Vice Ganda (Photo from Vice Ganda’s official Facebook page)

MANILA –Kapamilya actor and host Vice Ganda jokingly mentioned Vhong Navarro’s alleged rape incident in his Vice Gandang-Ganda Sa Sarili concert after feeling outshone by the latter.

Vhong was one of the concert guests, along with co-star Billy Crawford.

In a segment where they tried to compete with each other, the three talked about superheroes first.

Vice Ganda started, “Si Robin ang pinakatanga sa tatlo. Kasi si Superman, nagpantalon muna bago nag-brief. Si Batman, nagpantalon, nag-brief, ‘tapos nag-belt pa!”

(Robin is the dumbest of the three because Superman wore pants first before he wore his brief; Batman wore his pants, brief and even a belt!)

Pinakatanga si Robin kasi nakita na nga niyang mukhang tanga si Superman saka Batman, ginaya pa niya!,” he added.

(Robin is the dumbest because he already saw that Superman and Batman looked ridiculous yet he still copied them!)

Vhong continued, “Mas tanga si Spiderman kasi may medyas sa ulo!” (Spiderman is dumber because he wore a sock in his head!)

The audience’s loud laughs immediately filled the arena. Feeling outshone by Vhong, Vice Ganda lashed out, “Show ko ‘to! Ang kapal ng mukha mo! Tumestigo pa ko sa’yo!” (This is my show! You shameless man! I even testified for you!)

Last year, Vhong faced rape accusation from a certain Roxanne Cabañero. During one of the hearings, Vice Ganda took to the witness stand and testified that the accused was with him on the day of the rape incident.

Back to the concert, Billy then suggested Filipino food as the next topic of the segment.

Vice Ganda hit Vhong again, “Food? Mahilig ka sa foods!” (Food? You’re fond of foods!)

The audience’s laugh then again filled the place as Vhong could only answer with a smile.

Also last year, Vhong faced another rape accusation, this time, from a certain Deniece Cornejo. It can be recalled that Deniece purportedly sent Vhong the text message, “Tara sa condo… Dala ka foods.” (Come visit my condo… Bring foods.) It was after that text message that Vhong was seen beaten and sore.

Roxanne and Deniece’s rape complaints against Vhong were later on dismissed.