Alleged recruiter says Veloso didn’t know she was carrying drugs

By , on May 21, 2015

Mary Jane Veloso and her two children (screengrab from Jatamari TV footage)
Mary Jane Veloso and her two children (screengrab from Jatamari TV footage)

MANILA — Mary Jane Veloso’s alleged recruiter said Veloso did not know that she was carrying drugs in her luggage in 2010.

“She did not know she was carrying illegal drugs,” alleged recruiter, Ma. Cristina Sergio said.

Veloso was earlier scheduled for execution but was given a reprieve following  the arrest of Sergio who claimed that she was Veloso’s recruiter.

Sergio recently filed her 31-page counter affidavit during the preliminary investigation on the charges filed against her.

The alleged recruiter and her live-in partner, Julius Lacanilao, are now facing human trafficking and illegal recruitment charges.

In her counter affidavit, Sergio said that she believe Veloso was innocent of drug trafficking.

“She was victimized and taken advantage of due to her being weak-willed, her great desperation to find a job and her trusting nature. We join the authorities in pressing for the arrest and prosecution of those who victimized her, but not us who had nothing to do about it,” Sergio said.

Veloso’s family, meanwhile, believes that Sergio’s statement will help clear out her name.

“This will help Mary Jane very much. It’s the truth; we’re all here because we want the truth to come out,”Celia, Veloso’s mother said.