LTO admits running out of license plate supply

By , on May 17, 2015


MANILA — Supply of license plates are running out, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) admitted citing the stricter implementation of “no registration, no travel” policy in vehicles as a reason for its depletion.

To recall, the policy took effect last month and prompted car dealers to rush the registration. In the past, dealers would usually stall their registration task for weeks or even months.

LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador explained in an earlier interview that the stricter implementation of the policy led vehicle registration to rise from 50-100 a day to 500-800 a day.

Salvador, however, assured that LTO has already ordered for more license plates from its supplier.

He also clarified that the policy did not mean that all vehicles without license plates will be penalized. As long as vehicles are registered, he said that they will be allowed to travel.

Despite the depletion, he noted that the policy will still apply.