El Gamma Penumbra wins in Asia’s Got Talent

By , on May 15, 2015

El Gamma Penumbra is Asia's Got Talent 's first-ever grand champion. (Photo courtesy of Asia's Got Talent)
El Gamma Penumbra is Asia’s Got Talent ‘s first-ever grand champion. (Photo courtesy of Asia’s Got Talent)

Filipino shadow play group El Gamm Penumbra is the very first grand winner of Asia’s Got Talent, a regional franchise of the biggest talent search program in the world.

The group wins via public vote from the studio audience and the viewers at home.

“This is our fight, this is for all of you!,” the El Gamma Penumbra members shouted.

“To all our supporters in all parts of the world in Asia, especially to all Filipinos, maraming salamat, thank you so much!,” they added.

The shadow dance group bested out eight other grand finalists including fellow Filipino contestants Gerphil Flores, Junior New System, and Gwyneth Dorado, as well as Mongolian musical ensemble Khusugtun, Japanese dance troupe Triqstar, Thai rock group The Talento, Chinese acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin, and tap dance group Dance Thrilogy.

Musicians Khusugtun emerged as the first runner-up and Classical singer Gerphil Flores placed  second.

El Gamma Penumbra will then receive $100,000 and a chance to perform at the Marina Bay Sands.

In the episode before the grand finals, the shadow play group performed a tribute to Mother Earth to the song Colors of the Wind. Indonesian music icon Anggun, who was one of the judges, was again touched by the group’s act.

“I actually promised not to cry tonight. What really made me fall in love with your performance was the possibility of messages that you can put is endless,” Anggun said.

“And tonight (you showed) your awareness of how important Mother Nature is. Our job as entertainers (is) we are here to entertain people. But if we can raise awareness on the subject that really matters, that makes our job more noble,” she added.

El Gamma Penumbra received two golden buzzers throughout the competition, one for their tourism-inspired audition and another for world-peace themed semi-finals performance.

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos congratulated the group which resides in Tanuan, Batangas.

“They are the pride of Batangas … Tanauan … They always perform at the capitol at our VSR (Voices , Songs and Rhythms) event … We are proud of them!,” she said in a text message.