Rhian treats Glaiza like a leading man

By , on May 14, 2015

Rhian Ramos (Facebook Photo)
Rhian Ramos (Facebook Photo)

On GMA-7’s newest teleserye “The Rich Man’s Daughter,” actresses Rhian Ramos and Glaiza de Castro play the roles of a lesbian couple.

Rhian and Glaiza vow to fully support each other as they bring their characters to life. Rhian notes that being able to work with each other before, they are now confident and prepared for the teleserye.

“If there’s a scene that one of us has trouble with, we’ll talk about it and help each other,” Rhian said in an interview during taping, adding that it has been a challenge for them to be ‘lipstick lesbians.’

Rhian also believes some tactics would work and make them appear more natural in their roles.

“I asked her what her favorite perfume was, so that I can get it and use it and hopefully when I pass by, she’ll go, ‘that’s pleasant!,’ so she will get attracted to me in some way,” she said.

“I’m gonna try and use senses. When you already like a certain perfume, gusto mo na ’yun eh (you like it already). So I’m gonna try and bring that attention to me,” she added.

Rhian also shares that she had her mind set on working with a ‘leading man.’

“In my mind, I treat her like I would treat any one of my leading men,” she said. “Before a scene where we get up close and personal, I’m at the side of the set, I spray perfume, I take a mouthwash, everything. I wanna treat her like I would treat any leading man I have.”

Despite several past leading lady roles and preparations for her first lesbian role, Rhian still feels pressured with her lesbian character.

“[I feel] a little bit [pressured], because I’ve never had a role like this. I’ve been in love stories before, just not with another girl. I just want to try and read it in the same way,” she said.

“That’s how I know it’s important to me, when I’m getting nervous about it. I’m asking myself, ‘Is this my best?’ And that’s all I want, because it’s such a good story,” she added.

Rhian would want to really bring her character to life as she wants to voice out the minority in the society.

“And I feel like it’s not just any teleserye. I also feel like I’m going to be representing the feelings of many other girls that have probably gone through something similar and had to go through a stage of self-discovery. So I want to be as realistic as possible about it,” she said.

“I already know it’s not easy for them because everyone always has something to say. I’m personally not one of those people,” she added. “I think the show is going to shed some light on the struggle, maybe the confusion at first. And then also what other people think about it, because when some people say that—‘what you feel is not right’—I’m sure it hurts.”

The Rich Man’s Daughter is directed by Dominic Zapata. In here, Rhian plays the role of Jade, a wealthy daughter arranged to marry a man his father has chosen for her. Glaiza, on the other hand, plays the role of Althea, a wedding coordinator who would develop feelings for the bride.

The teleserye’s pilot episode has been aired last Monday and immediately went trending in micro-blogging site Twitter, gaining warm acceptance and support from the audience.