Veloso’s Indonesian lawyer optimistic on cancellation of her death penalty

By , on May 13, 2015

Mary Jane Veloso and her two children (screengrab from Jatamari TV footage)
Mary Jane Veloso and her two children (screengrab from Jatamari TV footage)

MANILA — The Indonesian lawyer of Filipina death convict Mary Jane Veloso on Tuesday visited the Department of Justice (DOJ) and expressed optimism on the possible cancellation of her death penalty.

”I came here just to try to find out how to help Mary Jane. That’s all. So, technically maybe we can explain but we tried to do our best to help Mary Jane,” Rudyantho said.

Veloso was supposed to be executed for drug trafficking in Indonesia on April 29, 2015, but was given a temporary reprieve following the surrender and subsequent arrest of her alleged recruiters Ma. Cristina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao.

Rudyantho said that he will fly back to Indonesia on Thursday, adding that, he could possibly get the purpose of his coming to Manila much better.

According to him, they are doing everything to use to help Mary Jane.

However, he said that they never thought of bringing Sergio to Indonesia to help in the case of Mary Jane.

”We just try to find out the real story. What happened in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) when Sergio recruited her (Veloso) to Kuala Lumpur and send her to Indonesia,” Rudyantho said.

He said that it would be possible to have Veloso’s sentence commuted, however, he said that they do not decide on judicial review or clemency.

Rudyantho stressed that the cancellation of death penalty is still possible.