Only half of MRT trains operating due to technical issues

By , on May 12, 2015

MRT3 Shaw Boulevard Station (Photo courtesy of UrbanRail)
MRT3 Shaw Boulevard Station (Photo courtesy of UrbanRail)

MANILA – Reports say that only between 8 to 10 trains of the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT 3) are operating at present because of malfunctioning doors and air conditioning. Due to this, the government is prompted to speed up the processing of multiple contracts to the train system.

Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya confirms the reports that only half of their trains are operating due to the said technical issues.

“I got a report that there were 10 trains operating. That is the reason why we immediately want to award the multidisciplinary mode,” Abaya said.

Because of the lack of trains to accommodate the huge number of commuters, the already long lines in ticket lanes and boarding areas become even longer in every MRT station.

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has already considered taking several contracts for the maintenance of the MRT 3, which includes building facilities, communications, conveyance, equipments, power supply, rolling stocks and tracks. They expect to award the contracts by June this year. These will then be renewed every six months.

“The purpose of this multidisciplinary approach is so they can plan effectively,” Abaya added.

At present, both the MRT 3 and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) are transitioning to the tap-and-go ticketing system operated by the Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and Ayala Corp.