Thai man flak over racist remarks, may face deportation

By , on May 6, 2015

Thai national Prasertsi Kosin. (Facebook photo)
Thai national Prasertsi Kosin. (Facebook photo)

MANILA – A certain Prasertsi Kosin, a Thailand national living in the Philippines, was criticized after making ‘racist’ comments against Filipinos on social media.

Kosin, with the name Koko Narak on Facebook, referred to Filipinos as ‘pignoys,’ ‘stupid creatures,’ ‘low-class slum slaves’ and ‘useless race in this world’ on his comments in the ASEAN Community Facebook page.

He also described the Filipino food as ‘stupid tasting’ and said that Filipinos were better off working as ‘maids and toilet lickers.’

Due to the incident, the 32-year-old Thai national may face deportation as the Bureau of Immigration (BI) had already filed undesirability and deportation charges against him.

Kosin has been staying the Philippines for three years now, working at Cognizant Philippines, a business process outsourcing company. Cognizant Philippines had already penalized him for his unacceptable behavior and actions online.

For his defense, Kosin clarified that he only made such remarks out of his ‘playfulness’ and that he did not intend to ‘hurt the hearts of Filipinos.’ He then apologized for his insensitive comments.

“To All Filipinos on this page! This is my great sorrow to inform you that I am very sorry what I’ve done or posted the racist comments wheter on the Asean page or my personal facebook. No matter the comments I have done are either from my intention or my playfullness. Kindly accept my apology [sic],” Kosin wrote in his apology, unedited.

“At the first sight of my intention to join this page, I came across just to do the debate only. I didn’t mean to hurt your heart Filipinos. Surprisingly, mosts of my debates on the page hurt you because of my imaturity. This is my sincere apology to all of you Filipinos. What I would like to inform you is, I am not feeling scared of the post or the blog. But I am feeling scared of brokening all Filipinos’ heart here. Many comments that I posted on the page are kind of playful more than my intention to be racist to all Filipinos,” Kosin’s apology continued.