Maja Salvador talks about break-up on Alex Gonzaga’s concert

By , on May 4, 2015

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – Following her silence after the announcement of her break-up with actor Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador willingly talked about the issue for comedy during the concert of Alex Gonzaga on Saturday.

Alex poked fun of Maja’s recent breakup with Gerald during the “AG From The East: The Unexpected Concert”

“Hindi ko naman alam na napapanahon ito, hindi ko nasama ang kantang ito,” Alex told Maja, referring to the “Single Ladies” of  Beyonce.

(I didn’t know that this song would be timely, I forgot to include this.)

“E kasi naman, hindi mo nabalitaan agad,” Maja replied. “Hindi na-announced kaagad.”

(Because you didn’t know of it right away. It wasn’t announced right away.)

“At least nung na-announce, hindi na nailagay,” Alex said.

(At least they didn’t include it when it was announced.)

Alex also jokingly asked Maja if she has read her book “Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine.”

Maja, however, replied that she hasn’t read the book yet.

“May balak ka bang basahin ngayon?” Alex asked.

(Do you have plans on reading it now?)

“Hindi rin. Kasi kahit naman basahin ko hindi rin naman ako magkaka-boyfriend kasi hindi ka naman nagka-boyfriend kahit sinulat mo ‘yun,” Maja jokingly replied.

(None at all. Cause even if I read that book, I still won’t have a boyfriend because you also haven’t had one when you wrote it.)

“Alam mo Maja, you’ve never been this happier, beautiful and single,” Alex said.