Automated election worsens vote buying

By , on May 4, 2015


MANILA – The Commission on Elections yesterday admitted that the automated election system (AES) has worsened vote-buying during elections in the Philippines.

Though the AES successfully ended another cheating mechanism called “ballot snatching,” the Comelec still has noted an increase in the vote-buying and vote-selling incidents.

“Since we have automated elections, we have noticed an increase in vote-buying and vote-selling figures. It’s now more on giving incentive in order to have a successful candidacy,” acting Comelec Chairman Christin Lim said.

To prevent this, the Comelec is now looking at several measures including the “money ban” which was enforced during the May 2013 polls but was barred by the Supreme Court.

The said measure prohibited the withdrawal of over P100,000 per day and the transport of more than P500,000 during a span of six days before Election Day.

“The issue of vote-selling and vote- buying is not just an issue of enforcement. It is really a cultural issue,” Lim said.