Comelec cancels testing electronic voting system for 2016

By , on April 30, 2015


MANILA — The Commission on Elections has decided against the planned pilot-testing of the touch screen technology which will be used during the elections next year.

The Comelec will no longer test the direct recording (DRE) voting system for the May 2016 presidential polls.

“The value of pilot-testing the DRE technology and its potential to further revolutionize Philippine elections are undeniable. However, present circumstances sway the undersigned that pilot-testing the use of DRE voting machines in Pateros is an unnecessary hurdle to the already daunting task of conducting the 2016 polls,” said the memorandum signed by acting Comelec Chair Christian Robert Lim.

It added that “pilot-testing any innovation with the current election system… might not be the most prudent course of action.”

The Comelec Advisory Council (CAC) has earlier recommended to use the DRE technology and to pilot-test it in a specific area which requires at least one voting center covering a minimum of 20,000 voters.

The Comelec, however said suspended the public bidding for the lease of the DRE machines pending the reevaluation of its plans to do a dry run of the technology.

“The machine-voter ratio necessitates the acquisition of a considerable number of machines and consequently translates to large cost implications,” it said.