Derek Ramsay has no problem being second choice

By , on April 29, 2015

Derek Ramsay (Facebook photo)
Derek Ramsay (Facebook photo)

MANILA – With certified box office hits like No Other Woman and Praybeyt Benjamin and a best actor award from his performance in English Only, Please, TV5 actor Derek Ramsay could expect more projects on his way.

In an interview during his contract signing with TV5 last Tuesday, Ramsay revealed that he indeed has movie projects lined up this year, one of which is with ABS-CBN actress Coleen Garcia in their upcoming film “Friends with Benefits.”

“Starting this new project with Coleen is exciting,” he shared.

When asked, he admitted that the role was originally meant for Sam Milby.  It can be recalled that his role in English Only, Please was also intended for Milby.

“You know, I’m sure Sam has reasons for maybe not doing a project. I don’t know why but to be second choice, it’s fine with me. Be happy, right?,” he said.

“You [should] be happy that the project came to you. That’s where you put in your talent and you bring that character into life,” he added.

Being the second choice for both roles, Ramsay did not seem to mind at all.

“I’ll stay in front of the camera and do what I do until people still appreciate what I do. Alam mo naman, hindi habambuhay ang buhay ng isang artista. (As you know, an actor’s career doesn’t last forever.) That’s why you have to be constantly changing and learning so that you have more to give,” he said.

“I always review the projects given to me. But am I going to be picky? No. I’m going to stick to how I’ve done things,” he said in an earlier interview. “Since I’m second choice, I’m still going to give my 200 percent.”

Ramsay also clarified that he was a team player and wanted to work with so many good actresses, hoping for success in each of his movies.