Rhian talked to Marian about “The Rich Man’s Daughter”

By , on April 25, 2015

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MANILA — Actress Rhian Ramos on Wednesday said that she talked to Marian Rivera after the latter was asked to replace the GMA-7’s prime-time queen in the upcoming lesbian-themed series, “The Rich Man’s Daughter.”

“I just felt that if I was gonna talk to anyone else about it, I want it to be her,” Ramos said referring to Rivera, in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Ramos narrated that she sent Rivera a text message on Sunday after she officially received the script for the role.

“First, I congratulated her. And knowing that she needed to rest because of it, I just wish her a really comfortable and safe pregnancy.”

Ramos said that the actress replied thanking her and wishing her and the set well.

“She told me to take care of the show. Obviously, the show also meant a lot to her,” she said.

“She said ‘Congrats, God bless’,” Ramos added.