Kris backed out if mistress movie

By , on April 25, 2015


MANILA — Citing conflicts with her existing contract with a multinational company, Kris Aquino backed out of the film adaptation of the book “Etiquette for Mistresses and What Wives Can Learn From Them.”

Aquino said in an interview with ABS-CBN that she and her manager Boy Abunda had overlooked a clause in the contract that pertains to shows or movies that would “run contrary to the image that you are projecting as a family woman or as a mother.”

Aquino said that the clause mandates her to seek permission from the said company in taking roles that are in conflict with the values that she is projecting.

“They have final say or atleast, I need their consent to do roles that will run contrary to Filipino values,” Aquino said.

She also said that she was excited about the movie’s casting because two of the girls in the movie are dear to her.

“I was really excited about it.. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant (for me). I was really excited because of the casting, she said.

“I’m not allowed to mention who is there but two of the girls there are really close to my heart.