Senator Enverga applauds Minister Oliver’s Balanced Budget: ‘Will Help Filipino Families’

By on April 24, 2015

Senator Enverga with the  2015 Budget Document, April, 21, 2015
Senator Enverga with the 2015 Budget Document, April, 21, 2015 (PRESS RELEASE PHOTO)

Ottawa — Today, The Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance, delivered Canadians a balanced budget in the House of Commons. This is what our Government under Stephen Harper’s leadership promised.

“I am proud to support this budget that brings our national books back in black, while keeping taxes low for all Canadians,” said the Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Ontario Senator, in a statement following Minister Oliver’s speech. “Canadians can be confident that the $1.4 billion surplus and the $1 billion contingency will ensure our continued and long-term prosperity, not only for us, but for our children and grandchildren, while we do not have to be burdened by excessive taxes.”

Our Government is not doing this by making life harder for Canadians. “An average Filipino- Canadian family of four will receive tax savings and benefits of up to $6,600. Our government is still maintaining transfer payments to seniors and children, and to our provincial and territorial governments for health-care, education and social services,” Senator Enverga continued.

“Many kababayans, like myself, come to Canada with diplomas and degrees from the Philippines that are not recognized here. This budget makes the Foreign Credentials Recognition Loans pilot project a permanent programme. This initiative will help those who cannot complete the recognition process because they face financial hardship with a loan and get new Canadians careers in their fields that are often better paid.”

Senator Enverga ended by highlighting the new commitment to support an innovative Public Transit Fund, with $750 million over two years and $1 billion per year after that. “This is something that we living in the GTA welcome to alleviate some of the congestion. This budget proves that our Government is the right government for Canadians and the right government for Canada.”