Disappointed crowd express rage against Doris Bigornia during The Script concert

By , on April 24, 2015

Mutya ng Masa Doris Bigornia takes a 'selfie' with the crowd
Mutya ng Masa Doris Bigornia takes a ‘selfie’ with the crowd

MANILA – Furious crowd expressed their disappointment over broadcaster Doris Bigornia’s behavior during the concert of the Irish pop rock group, The Script in Manila last April 17.

A Facebook post titled “The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia” by man named Richard Lim narrated Bigornia and her daughter’s “uncalled for” behavior during the concert.

Lim said Bigornia suddenly rushed in front blocking their view when the band members came out to start the show.

He added that Bigornia persisted to go in front despite the bouncers trying to stop her and other members of the crowd who followed when the two went in front.

“The event bouncers instructed them to go back to their seats explaining to them that it was a seated concert but instead of sitting down, she shove off the bouncers and didn’t mind them,” the post read.

“My food and drinks spilled all over the place, being stepped on, bumped and to the point that they were already pushing me and my son out of our seats,” he added.

Lim also said that Bigornia ignored his polite request to go back to their seats as they were blocking the view.

“I went to her and ask her politely and said, “Ma’m favor lang, I’m seated right behind you and you are blocking my view” and she didn’t even reply but instead looked over to the other side,” he said.

He even said that his son was already “hyperventilating” because of the overcrowded place.

‘Wala akong paki kahit mamatay siya diyan (I don’t care if he drops dead now),” Lim quoted Bigornia saying after he made the request.

“Ganyan ba kayong mga taga media, sa TV lang matino, sa totoong buhay eh wala palang pakiaalam (Is that how you in the media behave? Or is it only on television. In real life you don’t care),” Lim replied.

He added that Bigornia also defended herself after the event.

“Yan ang hirap sa inyo eh, porque media ako iniipit nyo ako tapos youtube nyo agad (That’s the problem with you all, just because I am in the media, you are trying to corner me and put everything on You Tube),” Bigornia was quoted as saying.

Lim also replied back.

“’Yun ang problema, media personality ka tapos ikaw pa ang nag pasimuno ng pag harang sa harap kaya tuloy nagayahan lahat (That’s the problem, you’re a media personality but you’re the one who led the others in blocking our views),” he said.

“After that futile argument, I didn’t see the point of continuing the conversation because she wasn’t apologetic for what she did, the son was telling me to f–k off and the daughter was cursing me in front of thousands of people still inside the Arena as if I was at fault,” Lim said.