Piolo and Sarah in ‘The Breakup Playlist’

By , on April 21, 2015

Photo from Star Cinema
Photo from Star Cinema

MANILA — The Star Cinema released on Monday a behind-the-scenes video of Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascaual’s upcomming movie, “The Breakup Playlist.”

In the video, Sarah  can’t seem to finish a scene with Piolo, her first-time leading man.

The two were performing a song in the scene and Sarah could not seem to sustain eye contact with Piolo, who was inching closer to her while they were singing.

The movie will feature the story of two musicians played by Sarah and Piolo who will eventually fall in love with each other.

Piolo will play the role of rock star while Sarah will be an aspiring singer.

Despite the “musical” theme of the movie, director Dan Villegas clarified that the movie will not be a musical.

It will, however, feature concert and gig set-ups in the movie and other artists aside from Piolo and Sarah will also be featured.

Villegas recently won best director in the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival for the romance comedy, “English Only, Please.”

The movie’s premiere date, meanwhile, has yet to be announced.