Pacquiao ‘interested’ in Expendables 4 role

By , on April 21, 2015

Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao goofs around with Sylvester Stallone as the latter visited him during his training at the Wild Card Boxing Gym. (Photo by Chris Farina)
Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao goofs around with Sylvester Stallone as the actor visited him during his training at the Wild Card Boxing Gym. (Photo by Chris Farina)

Actor Sylvester ‘Rocky’ Stallone reportedly offered Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao a role in the upcoming fourth sequel of the action movie series “The Expendables.”

When Stallone and costar Arnold Schwarzenegger were seen in Pacquiao’s fight with Chris Algieri last year, more rumors spread. The two actors reportedly met with the boxing-champ in the locker room and offered him the role of a ‘vicious rebel general.’

Aside from Pacquiao, martial arts expert Jackie Chan and wrestling legend Hulk Hogan were also considered in the cast of the action film. There had been no official announcements on the final cast though.

With Stallone’s recent visit to Pacquiao at the Wild Card Boxing Gym, even more speculations spread.

Though several photos of the two circulated online, there was no mention of movie negotiations.

Pacquiao is ‘interested’

Pacquiao’s business manager, Eric Pineda, confirmed that the movie role was offered and Pacquiao was indeed ‘interested.’ He added, however, that production would have to wait should Pacquiao accept the role as the boxer and politician still had a tight schedule.

“Now, he is busy with training and, after the fight, he will be busy with his campaign for the May 2016 elections,” Pineda said, mentioning that Pacquiao has been ‘planning to run for senator.’

Aside from being a boxer and politician, Pacquiao was also an evangelist and a basketball coach, adding more duties that needed to be fulfilled in his tight schedule.

“Due to his very busy schedule, there are no concrete plans for the Hollywood movie, whether it would push through or not,” Pineda added.

Stallone, on the other hand, was reportedly getting busy with the film’s script. Production was also set to begin sometime this year and would take place in Bulgaria.

“I have actually entertained the idea of putting the group into such an unnatural environment that it, in itself, creates extra suspense and tension: the ‘fish out of water scenario. That environment might not be time travel, but nearly just as jarring,” Stallone said.

But should Pacquiao decline the offer, he has already been considered as a ‘big star’ in the United States anyway.

“Hollywood stars like Mark Wahlberg and Jim Caviezel would line up outside the gym, waiting for their turn to see him. That is the kind of star Manny is outside of the country. He is respected and well-loved,” Pacquiao’s biographical film ‘Kid Kulafu’ director Paul Soriano said.