DOH reminds parents of boys undergoing circumcision to complete intake of antibiotics

By on April 21, 2015


MANILA — The Department of Health (DOH) is reminding parents on the importance of ensuring the completion of the taking of antibiotics among boys undergoing circumcision for complete healing and avoiding any onset of infection.

“For the parents, they should ensure that their children (referring to the boys who will undergo circumcision) will complete the intake of antibiotics recommended by the doctor/medical personnel performing it,” said DOH Secretary Janette L. Garin.

According to Secretary Garin, the antibiotics will help in faster healing after circumcision and serve as a way to eliminate any infectious disease that may occur.

She also said that newly-circumcised boys should not be allowed to bathe themselves in dirty bodies of water as the presence of dirty particles contaminated with bacteria can irritate the open wound caused by circumcision.

“If they will swim in rivers or lakes where they are not sure of the cleanliness of the water, most likely infection can occur,” the DOH chief warned.

She added that while they do not discourage circumcisions performed by medical personnel through civic or barangay medical missions, they are completely saying “no” to the traditional “de-pukpok” method of circumcising young boys.

“What is really important is it will be done by medical personnel — using well-sterilized or boiled surgical instruments,” she stressed.

Circumcision or commonly called “tule” is the removal of the male foreskin. Some circumcisions are done in hospitals soon after birth.

Usually, the procedure is performed on older boys wherein their foreskin covering during puberty period is ready for circumcision.

It is usually preferred to be done during summer because there are no classes and most of the children are in vacation which provides more time for better healing period.