Snail mail remains big business in PH

By , on April 18, 2015

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — Philippine Postal Corp. (Philpost) said that  the “snail mail” business remains a big business in the country, despite consumers’ switching to text messaging and e-mail to keep in touch.

“Many people think snail mail is dead, but our biggest business is still snail mail,” Postmaster General Ma. Josefina de la Cruz said on the sidelines of Philpost’s 23rd anniversary celebrations.

The government-owned and -controlled corporation responsible for managing the country’s postal system posted a net income of P640.43 million last year.

Most of the profits came from “snail mail,” according to de la Cruz.

“You’d be amazed at the variety of mail we receive and deliver,” she added.

The company has about 80 percent of its income coming from the traditional mail operations.

Last year, the number of mail posted increased by 44.56 percent to 88.48. A total of 133.25 million mail was delivered nationwide last, a figure which increased by 12.75 percent compared to 2013 report.

“Our nationwide network is unmatched, which means Philpost can really excel in last-mile delivery. We are (also) converting excess spaces in regional offices into warehouses,” she said, adding that private companies can now view the company’s storage capacity for possible use in their businesses.

“Even with social media, nothing can totally replace traditional snail mail,” De la Cruz said. “If you are courting me, I won’t say ‘yes’ if you don’t write and send me a (love) letter,” she added.