Mayweather knows Pacquiao’s secrets

By , on April 17, 2015

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MANILA — Floyd Mayweather Jy. said he will have an answer for whatever Manny Pacquiao does in the ring because he knows all of Manny’s secrets.

“He wears the lifts in the shoes. I know all the secrets he does,” Mayweather claimed on Tuesday in a news conference in Las Vegas.

He also added that he will be able to adjust to whatever fighting style that the country’s boxing champ use.

“I’m able to make adjustments,” said Mayweather, who expressed doubts whether his pound-for-pound rival could do the same in their matchup that has turned into a global social event.

Mayweather also added that though he is doing extra effort in his training, he is confident that he is still “5 to 10 steps” ahead of his opponent.

“Our styles are totally different. I fight with smarts. Every move is calculated. Every move is thought of. I’m always 5 to 10 steps ahead of my opponent,” he boasted.

“He’s a future Hall of Famer. I am a future Hall of Famer and we are meeting at the pinnacle of our careers,” Mayweather said.

“From the matchup it seems like an exciting fight. When I mentally picture the fight, to me it looks like it’s going to be a very exciting fight,” said Mayweather, who later allowed reporters to watch him work out.

The two boxers will be competing in their May 2 fight for pride, legacy and money at MGM Grand Garden Arena.