LTO’s ‘no registration, no travel policy’ remains

By , on April 17, 2015

Manila traffic  (Photo courtesy of PanoBaMagBlog on WordPress)
Manila traffic (Photo courtesy of PanoBaMagBlog on WordPress)

MANILA — The Land Transportation Office (LTO) on Thursday maintained that it continues to implement the ‘no registration, no travel policy’ on license plates amid reports that there has been a suspension.

LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador confirmed this on his official Twitter account, @JasonSalvador4.

“No suspension on the implementation of the ‘no registration, no travel policy’,” Salvador said. “LTO (is) steadfast in implementing the law.”

The LTO earlier said that only vehicles without valid license plates may be apprehended.

The office stressed that the public should not worry about traffic enforcers apprehending new vehicle owners who have begun the registration process but have not received their license plates through the fault of their dealers.

Simply put, vehicle owners with valid license plates, whether the new black-and-white series or any of the older green-and-white designs will not be apprehended for possible violation of the no registration, no travel policy.

On the other hand, applicable penalties for a violation of the policy include a Php 10,000 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle, which is assessed against the vehicle owner, and a Php 1,000 fine assessed against the driver.

If the driver is able to present a Certificate of Registration (CR) and an Official Receipt (OR) of the vehicle to prove that it has been registered, the driver will be fined only Php 5,000 for failure to attach plates.