Filipina allegedly raped by Indian watchman in Dubai

By , on April 16, 2015

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MANILA — A 32-year-old Filipina cleaner was allegedly raped by a 31-year-old Indian watchman in Dubai.

A report by the Gulf News said that  the watchman is now facing charges for raping the Filipina while she was cleaning his sponsor’s bedroom in a villa in The Meadows.

The suspect, who is currently on bail, meanwhile denied the allegations.

“I did not rape her… we had consensual sex,” the suspect said.

He also entered a not guilty plea after appearing before Judge Ezzat Abdul Lat of Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

The Filipina however insisted that the watchman forced her to do it.

“He pushed me down on the bed and removed my clothes. I tried to resist him and push him away, but I couldn’t stop him. He forced me to have sex with him and, after he finished, he asked me not to tell anyone what happened. He pinned me down and used force. I was too scared and cried a lot and that was why I could not call for help,” the cleaner narrated.