PH ranks 64th in social progress list

By on April 14, 2015


MANILA – A new report showed that the Philippines ranked 64th in the world in terms of social progress.

The social progress index score includes dimensions on basic human needs, opportunity, and foundations of wellbeing.

Among these dimensions, the country ranked highest in opportunity at the 44th rank with a score of 59.30.

The report on The Social Progress Imperative’s website noted that the Philippines score is “strongest on personal freedom and choice and has the most room to improve on access to advanced education.”

The country also ranked 83rd in the basic human needs dimension with the score of 68.23.

It “performs best on nutrition and basic medical care and has most opportunity to improve on the personal safety component,” the report said.

Meanwhile, in the well-being dimension, the Philippines ranks 70th with a score of 68.86. It “scores highest on access to basic knowledge but lags on the ecosystem sustainability component.”

It has 52 indicators including access to water, shelter, medical care, safety, knowledge, information, education, personal rights, and freedom.

According to the Social Progress Imperative, the index involves 133 countries or 94% of the world’s population as well as 28 countries with partial data.