Carmina won’t allow kids to watch “Bridges of Love”

By , on April 13, 2015

Photo courtesy of Carmina Villaroel on Instagram
Photo courtesy of Carmina Villaroel on Instagram

MANILA – Actress Carmina Villaroel said she won’t allow her kids to watch the TV drama series, “Bridges of Love” because of its sensitive and mature theme.

Villaroel is playing the role of Alexa Meyers, who is attracted to a younger man, Carlos, played by actor Paulo Avelino.

The actress said that she is not allowing her twins, Cassandra and Maverick to watch the series because of her intimate scenes with Paulo and because of the role of Mia, another lead character in the series.

“She’s a star dancer in a club,” Carmina said explaining the role of Mia played by Maja Salvador.

“I wouldn’t know how to explain what women like Mia do and why,” she added.

Villaroel also said that while she respects these kind of women, she is not sure whether it is a good idea for her children to watch the series.

“This happens in real life. But should I expose the children to it this early? I have not discussed that with Zoren (Legaspi, her husband). If ever, we’d like the kids to hear the details from us first,” she said.

“The characters are very human and relatable. They do things only because they are reacting to situations—much like the way we handle situations in life,” she added.