WATCH: Adam Levine ambushed by fan on stage

By , on April 9, 2015


An overly excited fan couldn’t contain her love for Maroon 5 frontman and ‘The Voice’ mentor Adam Levine during the band’s recent concert in Anaheim, California.

The overzealous fan climbed up the stage and ran to Levine, catching him off guard as the singer was in the middle of a song.

At first, he was surprised, but he regained composure and welcomed the fan until a stage staff took the woman away. Levine was able to finish his song.

“That was weird, right? She like cut my ear with her fingernail,” he said to the crowd after the song.

“It’s just weird to be in the moment, you know – you’re singing and your eyes are closed and you have this beautiful moment… Then the next thing you know someone’s in your face,” he continued.

“That was super terrifying,” Levine said.

Several people caught the incident on camera and posted it on several social media sites.

Watch it below: