‘Yaya’s Meal’ only an option — Balesin Island head

By , on April 8, 2015

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MANILA — Following the growing sentiments of netizens against the club’s “yaya’s meal,” Balesin Island head clarified that the meal is served only as an option for the guests.

Balesin Island Club CEO and Island Director Mike M. Asperin stressed that the “yaya’s meal” are not served unless ordered by the resort’s guests.

The statement was made on the CEO’s Facebook page following the growing complaints on social media.

The resort came under fire after beauty queen Maggie Wilson-Consunji complained about the meal through her Facebook account.

“[T]he fact that there are people who don’t want their yayas to eat whatever they want to is beyond me. Hence the resort having to offer a ‘yaya’s meal’. I still find that offensive,” she said.

Asperin however said that they have no intentions of discriminating the helpers and that they only have the meal as an option for the guests.

“Any talk of discrimination is inappropriate,” he said.