Migrante decries mass deportation of TFWs

By on April 7, 2015


A community-based organization of Filipinos in British Columbia recently called on migrant workers hit by the federal government’s “4 and 4” rule to come forward and speak out.

The rule refers to a federal policy that forces migrant workers to leave the country and not re-enter for another four years if they have been working here for four years or more. The law was enacted Apr. 1, 2011, and affects most migrant workers who have worked a cumulative of four years since then.

“We and our partner organizations around the province and across the country are here to support you. We believe this is an unjust rule that penalizes migrant workers who have already contributed much to Canada. You’re an integral member of our community and instead of embarking on this large mass deportation – the federal government should grant all migrant workers permanent residency,” said Jane Ordinario, Migrante-BC spokesperson.

Ordinario says any one that needs help can call their toll-free number 1-800-559-8092 or email them at migrante.bc@gmail.com.

“This is a confidential phone number and email. If needed, we can also refer them to a lawyer and other community advocates for assistance. The important thing is for them to realize they are not alone and that by working together – our demand for the federal government to grant permanent residency to all migrant workers is much stronger,” she added.

Migrante-BC also called on the provincial government to ensure that migrant workers who have pending BC PNP applications are not deported.