Maggie Wilson on Balesin’s ‘Yaya’s Meal’

By , on April 7, 2015

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MANILA — Fashion designer and model Maggie Wilson-Consunji condemns the “Yaya’s Meal”of an Balesin Island Club, an exclusive resort in Quezon province.

Maggie narrated through a post on her Facebook page how her mother ordered for the same food as their nanny’s but was refused by the waiter.

“My mom, Connor and his nanny, Nanay Belen went to have breakfast this morning. Our nanny ordered her meal and my mom wanted the same thing. The waiter said ‘Oh, hindi pwede ma’am, kase that’s a ‘yaya’s meal,’ (Oh, that’s not allowed because that’s a Yaya’s meal.)”

Maggie also felt dismayed that some members of the resort are not allowing their helpers to order the kind of food they want.

Hence, the resort came up with a meal exclusive  for the “yaya’s.”

“So when I checked with management they said that they won’t stop the yaya’s from ordering what they want. Which is true because we been here for 3 days and not once was our nanny told she couldn’t order what she wanted. But they do however have such a thing as a “yaya’s meal”, the waiter that served them was clearly not informed correctly. But still, the fact that there are people who don’t want their yaya’s to eat whatever they want to is beyond me. Hence the resort having to offer a “yaya’s meal”. I still find that offensive,” Maggie explained in her post.