Pinoy faces deportation in Canada

By , on March 12, 2015


MANILA — A Filipino father of four is now facing deportation in Canada as the country continues cutting down personnel under its Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

In a report for the CBC News, David Gutierrez worries that he might be forced out of the country.

His job has yet to pass his Grade 12 Equivalency (GED exam), which is a requirement to be granted permanent residency.

The residency status may be granted through the provincial nominee program.

Gutierrez who works as manager in a fast food restaurant is sending 70 percent of his money to his wife and children in the Philippines.

According to his employer, Greg Burrows, Gutierrez did not have time to take his exam before the expiration of his working permit on March 31.

He added in the same report that the federal government must give workers more time to prepare their requirements for permanent residency.