Fake hospital doctor takes mother’s first-born son

By , on March 10, 2015

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MANILA — A first-time mother reported on Sunday that she lost her new born to a woman who posed as a doctor in a private hospital in Quezon City.

In a report for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Glenda Salvador couldn’t stop crying when she recalled how the baby was taken from her.

“I haven’t even carried or breast-fed him yet,” she said after giving birth by caesarean section on March 5 at the Dr. Montano Ramos General Hospital, a private health facility, in Bago Bantay, Quezon City.

Salvador’s mother reported that a woman who dressed as a doctor took the baby from Ronnel, the child’s father after saying that she will check the baby’s heartbeat.

Ronnel said that he went looking for the baby and saw the woman walking out with a big bag through the closed-circuit television camera at the hospital entrance.

Ronnel said that the woman’s bag probably contained the baby inside it.

The hospital owner, however, doubted the family’s claim adding that they are only creating stories because they can not pay their bills.

“The patient cannot pay [their bill] so they are now saying that,” Dr. Montano Ramos said.

Ronnel, however, insisted his claims adding that they have no intention not to pay the hospital bills.

“We will never do that. I come from a decent family,” he said in the same report.

With reports from Philippine Daily Inquirer